For businesses of all sizes, space comes at a premium now a days. If you lease commercial real estate around the St Louis Area, you’ve probably seen your rent increasing quickly over the last few years. This spike in rent is happening all over the country. With a limited inventory of space available, expanding your office to allow for storage isn’t the financially prudent thing to do with the high cost of real estate.

The solution to your space shortage could be to rent a storage unit. There are many advantages to renting space in a storage facility such as short leases and lower cost.

Many businesses are in need of extra space

Home Builders/Contractors/Roofers – Storage units are great ways to store specific equipment safely, rather than keeping these items in vehicles or on the job-site. Also, by renting storage that is centrally-located, getting to and from a job site with your equipment becomes much easier and allows access to staff members when going to a job site..

Realtors – Many Real Estate professionals typically have a large number of promotional items such as yard signs to store. A small storage unit keeps your garage free of this advertising clutter and enables you to keep your real estate business materials out of the way.

Equipment/Vehicle Rental Businesses – Extra rental items can be stored in our easy-access, drive-up storage units. With the long access hours, getting these pieces of equipment out when you need to rent them is easy and lowers the cost of having to have your own warehouse.